Blogs, infographics, case studies, whitepapers, 24 hour news reports- everyone from business to business is overwhelmed with too much information. With overall attention spans continuously going on a downward spiral and intense competition, what can you do for your brand to be heard?

Here’s how TELLING A STORY can cut through the noise and prioritize what you want your audience to care about.


Show Don’t tell

It is a classic storytelling advice and truer than ever in the age of information overload. Between traffic sources for text press releases versus traffic sources for multimedia content, multimedia get 77% more responses. Blog posts with videos see three times more engagement than text-only posts. As you can see, everyone wants multimedia. Why? Because people can experience the content through actions, feelings, and visuals. Be descriptive instead of informative. You’ll be surprised what a little dash of drama in your content can do for your business.


Hook Audience

If you think creating content with long, flowery words make you look impressive, you’re wrong. Here’s the truth. No. One. Reads. 79% scan the web rather than read it word for word. A person can only take in 100,500 number of digital words each day. Make sure your message doesn’t get skimmed. Frame it as a story with a strong title and interesting hook to get your audience the information you want.


Manage Information

Everyone is busy. Surveys have discovered professionals spend 51% of their time managing information instead of acting on it. Out of the many professionals surveyed, 90% admit to having ignored important information. It is important you manage your information as clearly as possible for your readers and visitors. Don’t rely on them to piece your story together for themselves- tell them the story you want them to hear.


Emotional Trigger

Marketing is noisy. This year, 5.3 trillion ads were served up on the internet. Also, it’s estimated that people see 5,000 marketing messages a day. As was mentioned above, the competition is intense when you are in the online marketplace. Don’t let your brand get lost in marketing overload- show your brand story. No, we’re not talking about your brand’s complicated history or what workshops you joined to get the “know-hows” about your business. Your brand story is what truly drives your business or brand. Make it memorable the same way writers make their characters memorable by triggering an emotional reaction to your readers- tell your story.



Coherent Narrative

It is undeniable that the internet is full of content. For every 60 seconds, 700,000 Google searches are performed, 60 hours of video uploaded to Youtube, and 168 million emails sent. Don’t let your information get lost in different places. Package it together into a coherent narrative to make sure your brand is heard.



There’s a lot of problems that hinder your brand from being heard by your audience. Luckily, there’s a simple solution – your story, told by you.