Credit Card Fees in the Philippines to Watch Out For

"Having a financial institution card is pricey and group promoting leads to unmanageable debt.” Agree or disagree? That could be a frequent concern and an unlimited misconception-of the frequent Filipino about proudly proudly owning plastic enjoying playing cards....

Hello! It’s Nice to Meet you

Introducing yourself and your business to new clients can be the hardest part of business especially when you have social anxiety or just aren’t fond of randomly making new connections. Introducing yourself takes more than just confidence, it also takes a lot of...

Five Ways to a Better Lead Generation

For those of you who do your own lead generation, you may already have your own techniques which is good but for those of you who don’t do your own lead generation, here are five ways to a better lead generation:   Email Marketing- email marketing in Singapore or...

Business and Expansion

Lead generation can be your key to expanding your business! Okay, so let’s get straight to the point as to why lead generation is necessary. Picture this, let’s say you own delivery service company, what are the things you have to watch out for? Well, it may sound...

A Bad Lead Generation

What makes a bad lead generation? Here are some things you have to watch out for when it comes to lead generation: 1. Uninterested individuals - email marketing in Singapore or email marketing in Australia is a great way to personally introduce yourself and your...

8 Best Content Curation Practices to Increase Influence

Thinking of new, fresh ideas for blogs, ebooks, and social media posts can be a headache, especially if you’re trying to stand out from competition. Which is why marketers turn to content curation to optimize their content marketing efforts. It’s personal, it saves...

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Display ads in our portal to target prospects. Draw traffic and identify prospects that visit your website. Follow up via call or email.

Social Media

Invite to connect and build your community. Draw traffic to landing page via ads, newsletters and social media. Awareness through our Mediabox community.

Email Marketing

Send Email Blast to a targeted audience. Send monthly newsletters.


Append / Profile your existing database. Acquire new Database for your desired target audience or industry. Discover New Contacts from an existing list or industry.

Content Marketing

Draw Traffic to your website or landing pages via featured content from our portal and social media community. Convert and opt in landing page traffic.

Content Syndication

Draw traffic to landing page via ads, newsletters and social media. Prospects to optin and download your content and assets.


Reach your desired audience and convert to leads. RSVP, Marketing Qualified Leads, Nurturing Leads, Sales, Qualified leads, Appointment.

Web Development

We specialize in custom web programming, which gives you endless freedom to customize while we ensure you of a vastly functional website that scores high on usability.

Search Engine Optimization

They say good SEO strategy will help you make a noise. We say that’s crap. Why create noise when you can make music? Let’s get you the right tools and key words to create music that people will come searching for!
We partner with you to help you streamline your marketing approach and expand customer reach through our online assets and focused marketing programs. We also provide useful data on your target audience.

Digital Demand Generation

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Anticipate a high number of leads to fill your pipeline. And get insights on how to optimize your campaign.

What Our Clients Say?

They provide exceptional telemarketing service for a very reasonable rate. Furthermore, once the service is complete,they stay with you to make sure that things run smoothly when you renew your contract. TERENCE LEE


Launched an appointment setting campaign with Oneblue which included an EDM (eletronic direct mail) lead, followed up by
an outbound call campaign to relevant prospects. Oneblue was able to engage qualified appointments from different industries
in the target region. All of the qualified leads consisted of top level executives. As an added value, Oneblue also distributed
corresponding media to those prospects who requested information prior to committing to an appointment.

  Mark Walberg

CEO-Mobile APZ

Oneblue was able to gather more leads than what is indicated on our agreement. They were able to generate 15-20 appointments
per month during the initial run for three (3) months. And what made me really impressed was when I had some changes with the
campaign, yet Oneblue was able to review, revise and implement without hesitation. On top of that, I see Oneblue as a very flexible
company as they were able to deliver qualified leads despite sudden changes during the second run for another three (3) months.

  Cedric Tan


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