In terms of seeing marketing results, some would say B2B companies got it rougher than B2C…and they’re probably right. For one thing, B2C sales are driven by an emotional sales approach that speeds up the buying process. Reasoning aside, you have to ask yourself: is it harder or are you not equipped enough?


The main focus of our Digital Department is to make sure brands/clients are equipped and are up-to-speed with Digital Marketing Trends. We guide companies through the process of creating strong Online Branding Practices to increase their value online. This allows our clients to efficiently reach, connect, and engage their target audience that best benefits their business. With the use of current and up-and-coming Digital Platforms like Facebook, GoogleAds, and LinkedIn, we keep up with the trends of sharing and organizing online information.


Because of today’s increasing amount of mobile users and Internet enthusiasts, the dawn of a new era for information storage has begun- a new era of Cloud Innovation. Businesses have made steps to innovate their technology so that they can maximize Cloud Integration for their operations. Because of this perceived need, our client felt that their product can be positioned towards businesses who aim to follow suit in the Cloud Integration.



The client is an ICT network solutions company that provides services which include systems monitoring, cloud computing, hardware maintenance, and more. To stand out amongst a vast number of competitors, the client was willing to explore direct marketing solutions to reach their target market.

The Challenge

The client requested to increase leads for potential sales of their Cloud-Based Security product targeting CIOs, IT Managers, Project Managers, Developers, and the like. The main objective is to collect leads on digital for collection and turnover to client for escalation.


The plan was to develop an aggressive Lead Generation Campaign on Social and Google to connect and engage the product their to prospective businesses and business owners. OneBlue distributed a steady wave of campaigns via Google Ads and Facebook Lead Generation techniques. We then optimized our Advertising Campaigns, ensuring consistency and perfect timing to achieve greater results. Aside from Facebook, we also placed Google Ads for Banner Ads, PPC, and for Lead Generation.


Despite a low marketing budget, the campaign has produced great results. The client is still on-going and the campaign functioning well within range. The campaign provided maximization of B2C Brand Exposure as an offshoot of our Advertising Efforts. Reaching beyond expectations, projected Impressions have exceeded by an estimate of 25.23%, CPC by 52%, and clicks by 22%. In our newly placed campaign, over 300,000 Impressions has been received, and we expect this number to rise exponentially if optimization and trends continue. Thanks to well-placed and optimized Advertising Strategy, we expect to hit our Leads Target in half the time requested by the client.