The internet has revolutionized communication beyond the scale of even the earliest of pioneers’ comprehension. Due to this change, business has turned a new direction – thus, inevitably changing marketing strategies as well. But the web is such a big and noisy place. How can you reach your target audience for them to read your story? Be present. Integrate an effective content syndication into your content strategy.


First, a quick definition: content syndication is a process of bringing out your content onto other sites in the form of a links, articles, or thumbnails. With social media quickly taking over print media as the “go-to information highway”, most of the biggest and influential businesses use web content syndication to their advantage. If you desire to reach a broader audience and increase brand awareness, you need to syndicate your content.


Content syndication makes use of social media promotion, link building, content optimization, and many more. It is a great strategy for engaging consumers in a social, mobile world. You’d be crazy not to use it to your advantage. To further convince you, here are some of content syndication’s benefits:


Think getting more subscribers is limited below two digits per day? Maybe less? If you use content syndication, you’ll find your subscriber rates shooting up sky high. Several forms of ROI manifest at different levels of review volume, extending beyond conversion, increase in attracting traffic, and product improvement suggestions.


More lead generation, more reviews, and more orders. Since you targeted websites to where your target audience are already reading, qualified leads are remarkably expanded. Once these qualified leads are converted to buying customers, they’ll give out more reviews. Review volume shows a positive correlation on the number of sales. Even early volume growth shows impressive results on conversion.


Different ratings contain different insights. Since consumers are better able in having a conversation with you through reviews, they’ll be able to tell you what your brand’s flaws. Also, they’ll give ideas and suggestions based on their experience of using your product or service. Positive or negative, customer reviews are insights that help you improve your brand.


An implicit form of promotion, the right syndication provide links to your social media profile. The call-to-action button included serves as a link to landing pages on your website with your content.

Be present. Let your voice be heard through the web where it matters most! Harness the power of content syndication and see your consumers connect with you every day without breaking a sweat!