Thinking of new, fresh ideas for blogs, ebooks, and social media posts can be a headache, especially if you’re trying to stand out from competition. Which is why marketers turn to content curation to optimize their content marketing efforts. It’s personal, it saves time, it’s easy to do, it adds value, and it increases brand visibility and credibility. Obviously, if you’ve curated the best content in your niche and gained multiple social media responses, you’d be looked up to as an influential figure in your industry.

What is Content Curation?

By definition, content curation is doing research from a pool of overloaded information -finding, collecting, filtering, organizing and sharing relevant, quality content to a target audience in a way they can understand.


If you desire to be influential in your industry too, keep in mind these 8 best content curation practices.


Find Relevant Content

To know what content to curate, you need to find out what content matters most to your target audience. However, there’s too much information everywhere- social networks, new feeds, blogs, etc. It can waste your time and attention. So how are you to find these relevant, updated content? Use content curation tools. Here are some examples:


Don’t Copy Paste

The internet is so open, it’s easy to think we can copy paste and publish anything online without consequence. Well, sad to say, the best way to harm your search ratings and page rank is by copy pasting others content.  How would you feel if you bought Nike shoes from a friend only to find out later at home that it’s a cheap replica? You’d never buy from that person again, right? Same idea goes for duplicated content. To provide the high-quality user experience, search engines rank webpages with original and unique content higher than webpages with duplicated content.


Create Compelling Headlines

Copybloggger found out eight out of 10 read headlines, but only two out of 10 read on further. So what does this prove? First impressions always matter- in this case it’s great headlines. It doesn’t matter how good the inside is. If your headlines aren’t compelling and unique enough, the less likely your audience will click though it. Pique your readers’ curiosity. If you have to, write down your ideas and cross out the boring ones ‘til you narrow it down to the most creative one. Don’t get too excited though. Research your keywords, use simple but powerful words, include numbers.


Credit Author and/or the Original source

Give credit where credit is due. The author worked hours to create content. If you copy it word for word without acknowledging the source, you’d be no different from a purse-snatcher. Maybe you found the content useful for your site. You have the go signal share it. However, make sure you give the author and/or publication credit through quotes or links.


Voice Out Your Insights

Using content curation as an excuse to avoid creating your own content? Not so fast! Content curation still means adding your own commentary in there. Your insights serve as a guide to your readers, giving them context of the subject in your point of view. By differentiating yourself from automated content, you increase your value to your readers and encourage them to keep visiting your site or look forward to your social media posts.


Make use of multiple channels

While curated content may not be your work, you should still share and promote it like your own to get more reach, engagement and awareness. Remember that variety is the spice of life. Below are some places to publish and share include:


Vary Your Sources

Ever ate the same food over and over again? It may have been yummy at first but if you keep eating it, you eventually get sick of it. Same concept goes with content curation. Sticking to one source is not a good idea. Show some variety in you content so your readers won’t get bored of it and force them to run from your site and move to the next interesting one. However, don’t just eeny, meeny, miny, moe your pick. Choose well-written content from different domains.


Be consistent

Curated content is considered effective if it’s shared and viewed by its target audience. Maintain consistency. Don’t just post your blog this week and wait to post the next one when a month has already passed.  Your frequency and curated mix go hand in hand with your marketing strategy and industry. What are your overall goals?



Content curation done well can set you up as an influential figure in your industry.


Remember these eight best content curation practices and add a unique piece of content for each to your ongoing content marketing plans by involving influencers and your audience.