If you haven’t heard about the drastic changes Facebook’s making…here it is: CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has officially announced his plans of focusing Facebook on its core purpose of focusing posts between friends and family and less on brand content posts.

Facebook’s new algorithm is not something to panic about. You could say Facebook wants to achieve the values of Google- to improve overall customer experience by ensuring relevant content. It’s quite noble. Besides, Facebook’s algorithm has changed several times over the years. We’ve adapted before and we can do so now. To utilize this platform, you’ll have to adapt and bang your heads together in coming up of new strategies.

So…marketers, how are you going to make digital marketing work for you? Here’s are tips to help you better position your brand on Facebook:


Aim for quality not quantity


Engagement is what you are going for. Don’t just keep posting random, unwanted posts. Don’t even think about going post after post because that’s annoying and unhelpful. Otherwise, you risk being skipped over to the next interesting post. To keep it eye catching and direct to the point, you’ll want to know what your market’s currently into and incorporate your content from there.


Live streaming and Videos


To put it bluntly, videos inspire more engagement because it’s less talk and more on real time, actual feels. If you’re looking to show your latest brand offer, go for Facebook Live videos to bring in your target audience’s full attention.  Make the most out of your video views by supporting them with paid promotion. A little help goes a long way.


Make charitable partners fit your strategy.


Whatever business you may have, if you keep posting the same content idea based on other marketing content you’ve seen from other marketers who have had an experience in the industry, more often than not you’ll end up with stale content. As luck would have it, non-profit organizations gain loads of attention from people because of their transparency. Let’s face it, consumers don’t like to feel like they are being sold to. It’s only understandable they’d engage more with you if you give them value for their time and money by supporting a cause. Partnering with nonprofits is a win-win situation. Nonprofits gain  your brand gains more engagement your target consumers and in return, you’ll be providing nonprofits the budget and resources they need for their cause.


Master your campaign by knowing your audience


Let’s say, you’ve made a ground-breaking discovery- it could be a product or a service. Even if it’s the “next best thing”, it’ll go nowhere fast if you don’t actually know who you’re offering it to. Social media makes the job easier because with just a few clicks- that is if you actually know what to look for- you’d find out what your audience is currently into- down from their needs to their wants. In this case, Facebook could be your next best friend. All the data you need for you to know your audience is right there.


Pay the price to use Facebook’s promotional tools


With the changes Facebook’s going through, your messages will only reach your audience if you pay Facebook. It’s a small price to pay to work alongside Facebook’s condition. In exchange, you get to choose your audience, choose your budget, boost your post and measure your results.


In the world of Facebook, conversation is more appreciated than selling. If you want to be effective in using Facebook to promote your business, treat your brand as if it were a person. Show its personality or its story to connect with your target audience. Remember these simple strategies and you’ll get there.