Nowadays, some would suggest sticking to content and social media marketing for an effective ROI. Nonetheless, direct emailing still prove useful to businesses. Building up a strong email listing of current and potential customers grows  businesses because emails personally engage this audience in a way blogs or tweets can’t.

But what makes an effective marketing email? Your audience might see your campaign but how do you convert them to paying customers?

Here’s a few tips for your next email marketing campaign to work effectively:

Catchy Headline

More often than not, headlines are taken for granted. In a world full of noise, how do you make your campaign stand out? It takes only a few seconds to catch your reader’s attention which is why you’ll need to work on building  reader’s attention with the first glance- a catchy headline. Whether the headline’s words are long or short, make sure to provide great value to your readers.


Point Out The Benefits

When your sending a “special offer” to potential buyers, they’ll have one question in mind “what’s in it for me?” State how your offer can benefit your audience. The benefits of your offer aren’t the features. Rather, it’s the value it gives to your customer.


Emphasis On The Offer and Call To Action

The aim of your email is to encourage people to take action to your offer. At the end of your sales piece, make it easy for potential customers to understand what to what to do next. That’s where your call to action comes in.

To encourage action, offer incentives with an urgency. You could reduce the price, offer bonus gifts, etc. Incentives improves sales because customers will more than likely return to keep buying your offer.


PS in Email

The PS serves as the cherry on top of your email. Research shows that one of the most important parts of a sales letter is the P.S. Very often people will look at the opening of the piece, then turn to the back to see what the offer is. If there’s a P.S. there, they’ll often read it before anything else.

So make sure you always put an appealing P.S. that reiterates the most important points of your sales pitch. Remember, you want every part of your piece to work hard for you. Make sure your P.S. is doing everything it can to clinch the sale.


The Order Form

If you’re using an order form with your piece, this is your last chance to sell your product and convince your prospect to go ahead and make the purchase. Always include brief, attractive copy about the product, its benefits and the offer.


The Guarantee. OK, this is optional, but it can be very powerful. Your potential buyer may be very tempted but still afraid to lose money. If you put in a satisfaction guarantee, it can convince prospects sitting on the fence to go ahead and try your product because they “have nothing to lose.”


The BRE. This is also optional. If you would like your prospects to respond by mail, you can consider inserting a business reply envelope (BRE) into your mailing package. The BRE is preaddressed to you, and the prospect doesn’t have to put postage on the envelope (the post office bills you postage for each envelope mailed back to you). By making it easy for your prospect to respond, you may increase response rates.


Just as it pays to point out to prospects that they can call using a toll-free number, make sure your prospects know they can send in their order form postage paid. Not only is it free, but they don’t have to go to the bother of finding a stamp!

Like any marketing effort, email marketing is a process. Although proper planning, analyzing of data, and consistency is involved, the best way to figure out email marketing is to get out there and start emailing.