One of the best ways to build a lasting relationship with your customers in an intimate and trusting way is through email. Customers don’t want to be sold to. Emails are personalized for customers, treating them like you would a friend if you were to send a personal note. Therefore, building a targeted email list should be your number priority.

With your email marketing list, you attract an audience interested in downloading your lead magnet (free goodies marketers use to hook leads in exchange for their contact information such as name, email, phone number, etc.; usually comes in the form of downloadable content ex: video, checklist, ebook, pdf, brochures), deliver your lead magnet, and continuously update them on their needs and wants to nurture them into paying customers.

Here’s how you can successfully build your list:

  1. Choose your niche

What does a niche mean? This is your target market. As much as it seems like an awesome idea to sell to everyone, it’s unscaleable and unsustainable. The smaller your target is, the larger your focus will be. Narrowly targeting a group clears the way for a marketer so it’s easier to offer a relevant solution that is completely better from alternatives. Also, if there’s a limited supply of the products and/or services but come with high demand, a marketer can charge for a premium price, reaping higher margins.

  1. Know your potential customers

Consider yourself a good marketer if you know your customers.-people only buy what they need. You have to do research to know what it is they need so you can provide it. Put yourself in the shoes of your target market by joining their groups. Listen and pay close attention to detail- what are their frustrations? What can you do to solve their problems?

  1. Learn Their Lingo

What keywords does your target market use when they are frustrated? Get to know their lingo so you can apply it to your own sales pitch and convince them that your solution is what they’ve been looking for.

  1. Specific Lead Magnet

You have to give something of value to gain value- in this case, it’s your audience’s email address. A lead magnet has to answer all the questions your potential customers have. Capture their attention with just one look at your lead magnet, keep your headline short but sweet. “Hows” are usual go-to headlines for a lead magnet. If your target market wants to learn more about digital marketing, persuasive headlines like “how to make Facebook work through changes” or “how storytelling cuts through digital noise”.

  1. Trial and Error Formula

Maybe you’re afraid of being a failure. However, if you really think about it, isn’t it much scarier to do nothing at all? Wouldn’t it be better to know you’ve tried and tried again and again than tossing and turning in your bed, haunted by “what-ifs” ‘til the break of dawn? The truth is, nobody learns without getting it wrong a few times. Make your own mistakes, figure out the kinks, and create a solution from it.

  1. Strategize

Your goal is to gather leads through emails so you can nurture them into paying customers. Plan ahead. Create high converting landing pages that link to your social profiles. Strategically place your opt-in forms. Use email marketing services like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, or Constant contact to make navigate opt-ins more easily around you site.