Every marketer would tell you their biggest challenge is lead generation. Why? Accumulate traffic all you want but if there’s no relationship, they easily slip away and not convert to leads. All that effort down in the drain- no opportunities, no qualified leads, no sales.

Sales and marketing should be aware of lead generation mistakes that negatively impact the opportunities to cultivate rich and eventually profitable leads. Here are mistakes to avoid:


1. Not Paying Attention to Website

1 out of 10 agents attribute 46% or more of their deals to online leads and close those deals to triple the average rate.  Since first impressions mean everything, your website should be appealing, easy to navigate, and includes calls to action. Drive people to your site, engage and nurture them until you earn their trust.


2. No Real Target Audience

When we were young, parents told us we can’t please everyone. Same concept follows with business. To know your target audience, you need to know who you are as a business. Look where you specialize and you’ll easily keep your sales pipeline filled with qualified leads- leads that actually need your solution and not waste your time, money, or energy.


3. Not Adapting to Change

Constantly check on your methods. If it’s not showing any positive results or any form of improvement, work over your current strategy, test new media, and figure out what channel gets you most leads. Don’t be afraid to try new mediums. Diversification in your lead generation methods is key. People that come to your site have different needs and they all keep changing so it’s important that adapt and observe to each lead.


4. Quitting Before Seeing Results

Getting leads is one thing- making the most of them is another. You have to keep nurturing the leads you generate. Lead generation is a long-lasting process that’s why it is essential to be persistent and nurture your leads until they are ready to buy.


At the end of the quarter, it’s all about the leads you bring in. Quality always beats quantity. No matter how may leads you have, it won’t mean anything if leads don’t convert to paying customers. Avoid these common lead generation mistakes and you’ll start to see your pipeline fill.