The Client

The client is an established Security Service Company in NSW, Australia. They are a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited or ASIAL, providing 24/7 back to base alarm monitoring and alarm response since 2002 to customers in Australia. They have expanded their services and now include mobile patrol and technical services. Their goal is to set the standards when it comes to security.

The Challenge

The client is seeking additional marketing initiatives to penetrate the local market and establish brand awareness. For this specific campaign, the client needs OneBlue to deliver the following:

Increase sales and customer base by performing telemarketing to local regions in Australia offering Alarm Systems and Monitoring
Provide brand awareness and additional information to prospects that are willing to hear more about their services
OneBlue has taken the task to provide what the client requires in short notice. All the preparations were done quickly to ensure the project will fit the client’s tight timeline.

The OneBlue Solution

OneBlue lined up a team of marketers with experience handling a campaign similar to the client’s requirement to execute the whole Cross Channel Marketing Approach.

The campaign was launched shortly after all the preparations were made for the client, calling the prospects that he enlisted as part of their target market. The team made contact with IT and office administrators of companies from a list generated by OneBlue. Each conversation made contains an introduction of the client’s valued proposition and qualifying questions to gauge the prospects’ interest of the service and to see if they meet the criteria of our client’s target market.

As soon as a positive response is detected, the marketing team sent email information to the prospects and scheduled an appointment with them with the client’s consultants to do a corporate presentation in the prospects’ office. The lead information was sent to the Web Based CRM for the client to track down the upcoming appointments for them.

The client has a wide range of Security and Electrical services that they would like to market along with the other products they have. All these information cannot be expressed on a single call alone. OneBlue has created an EDM (Electronic Direct Mail) where the services that the client wants to market can be presented, in such a way that the prospects can easily view the details and can keep it in their inbox for reference. OneBlue also created a Landing page linked to the email in case the prospect might want to know more about a certain product. This landing page will enable the client to showcase each service that they want to promote without overfeeding unnecessary information to prospects and avoid spamming. Social media platforms were also utilized by OneBlue to ensure that the client’s value proposition is made known. Profiles were made in sites like Linkedin and created posts to promote Security and Electrical services provided by the client. OneBlue also acted as the responses handling positive responses from non-calling approaches.

The Results

Following a nurturing process, the team accommodated prospects that show interest in the services. Those prospects that expressed their need of the service and were open to receiving a quote were scheduled for an appointment with the consultants for face to face meetings. Positive email responses were also given follow-up calls and then converted into leads. Those that wanted to inquire more but did not need the service right away were also compiled for the client to touch base at the time that the prospect wished to be followed up. The client was delighted with the appointments generated by OneBlue and with the follow-up they made with each appointment; most of the leads were converted to sales.

Overall results:

12 qualified leads in 22 business days via calling & emails
47 requested for a brochure
23 requested to be followed up in 6 months for evaluation of services

The end of campaign report was also submitted to the client for analytics and planning for future campaigns with OneBlue. As a result client satisfaction was achieved, OneBlue as a solutions provider made a huge success for the client and for the company as well. As of today, OneBlue is providing realistic and satisfactory service to the APAC region.