The Client

The client is a recruitment firm in Singapore that supplies talents to different organizations that are in need of staff. They have a wide range of services including:

Permanent Staff
Temporary Staff
Recruitment Solution
Client’s goal is to allow companies to source the staff numbers they need, the skills they are looking for and provides them with the flexibility to scale up or down quickly and cost- effectively in response to change. Members benefit for permanent Manpower associates reduce absenteeism, increases retention and maximize efficiency from temporary employees.

The Challenge

Finding the right candidates is a big challenge for recruiting companies today, and also for recruitment companies to be able to find the company that needs them. They have the talents that are focused workers and have the skills required by their potential employers.

When that perfect candidate is found, the client wants to present them directly to available positions. Recruiting companies can overcome this problem by stepping up their networking and advertising, including lead generation to help with the following:

Finding the Right Companies
Speed up hiring
Help in searching
Market their services
Building follow ups
Target companies who have a potential need of staff
The OneBlue Solution

The Client coordinated with OneBlue to generate leads as well as provide the Client’s HR team with appointments, with specifications for target industries and target decision makers who are in need of staff while utilizing OneBlue’s sales to target the right companies at the right time.

The campaign started with these targets in mind:

Speak to the decision makers with regards to the company’s recruitment needs
Obtain full contact details of the person responsible for recruiting
Provide as much information as possible to the prospect about our services
Obtain warm leads for future follow-ups
Update CRM information for their database
The client’s CRM is also a vital tool to help improve their recruitment process for the whole year. Any follow-up built during the campaign will be used in their pipeline for the coming months.

Client’s vision is fulfilled to meet with their prospects and to further gauge their need for staffing solutions by personally assisting them by talking to them about their requirements. OneBlue ensures the quality of leads delivered to attain Client satisfactory to make their prospecting more targeted and accurate.

Clients will be informed of the upcoming appointments including follow-ups and opportunities. Prospects with appointments are also reminded of their meeting with the client a day prior to their schedule to ensure the success of the appointment. OneBlue will provide the Client a secure and realistic course of qualified leads or sales opportunity, nurtured sales delivery as well as an organized method of tracing every prospect and sales team evaluation effectiveness.

The Results

With OneBlue’s sales team averaging 2000 calls monthly, effective cold calling techniques, accurate CRM tagging, delivering quality appointments by identifying the needs of prospects and introducing the Client’s services. Aside from getting warm leads and successful hires, the campaign also acted as a systematic way of nurturing leads. OneBlue is able to deliver a sufficient amount of qualified leads or appointments justified by the Client’s growth for expansion to explore regionally to the national market.

Utilizing OneBlue’s strategic Cross Channel Marketing & Lead Generation Program, we introduced the Client to a whole new method of introducing their talent pool to companies in need of staff. Accuracy in marketing is the key to increasing your sales. Our focus is to provide accurate and professional telemarketing to generate an optimal return on your investment.