Basically, affiliate marketing is just a fancy term for “referrals” and these referrals are made through links. If you’ve got a good eye for detail and you’re online most of the time for purposes of entertainment or business, you’ll notice affiliate marketing being done by everyone everywhere! Youtubers, instagramers, facebookies, amazon users, blogs, business websites. Affiliate links are those links you find below the description box youtubers talk about when they’re telling you what mixer they use to bake the perfect chocolate cake; those links you find in some random woman’s post on Facebook flaunting the watch she’s wearing to always look expensive on cheap; those links on outdoor survival blogs you read about going on detail about how this one traveler relied so much on a portable water filter bottle on his hike across the amazon jungle.

The ones doing the affiliate marketing, a.k.a “the affiliates”, get passive income on the side by commission. Great on their part, but how does it change the game for businesses?

To help you understand the importance of affiliate marketing to your business, here’s a list of benefits of affiliate marketing:

  1. Performance-based form of marketing

Affiliate marketing makes sure that the merchant calls the shots.  Affiliates will be working for results that a business wants to see, otherwise they don’t get paid. This drives affiliates to work hard on getting people to notice the product and/or service of the business for you to have paying customers and them pay for their work. As a business that’s ensured of what it pays for, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the affiliates to draw the traffic to your site, where all the marketing speaks for itself.

  1. Increases target market reach

Affiliates draw traffic to your website through links and this can be the holy grail to reaching and growing a larger target market. If your brand is stated in multiple sites, you’ll gain more exposure to your desired demographic and optimize your brand’s online presence through search engines. Sites that have your link does the work for you in drawing in traffic to your website because these sites already have a solidified visitor base. Thanks to partnerships with affiliates, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with new markets that you never would’ve thought would be interested in your brand alone.

  1. Smart collaboration with partners

Validation from third parties like bloggers and websites can boost the credibility for your brand. As partners, they will dedicate their time on making your product and/or service look good to consumers so these consumers are more likely to trust your offer. You can’t do everything yourself.That would be limiting your full potential. Partners can do the marketing for you with the advantage of not having to look for your customers because these third party people already have their attention.

  1. Cost Effective

In terms of marketing, you could choose to do it different ways.  Banner advertisement, newspaper advertisement- the list goes on. But if you’re looking for a more effective form of marketing that fits your marketing budget, you’ll want to go for affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you pay to see results rather than advertising that’s quite unpredictable in pointing out the target market. If you’re only paying by commission, not only will you draw in more traffic and see them convert to paying customers, you’ll also be saving a lot of money in the process. Also, having affiliates means you’ll reach a wider range of your desired demographic without a spending so much since the affiliates do the targeting for you.

  1. Track your progress easily

When you’ve invested money on marketing, you want to know if your efforts are delivering desirable results. Thankfully, working on affiliate marketing lets you easily track how your marketing is going- letting you know if your affiliates are converting leads effectively or not based on click rates or views of your site. Furthermore, you’ll be able to trace the effectiveness of your link placement in other sites. One you’ve tracked your progress, you’ll know which of your marketing strategies deserves to be cut back or optimized so you don’t waste time or money.

Traditional marketing is good. But if you want to grow and scale up your business, optimize your marketing efforts with affiliate. Youmarketing not only benefits can be a very effective, low-risk investment to help expand your marketing  sayinefforts beyond a small business’ traditional bandwidth. For the reasons listed here, we believe affiliate marketing is worth the investment and can take your program to new heights.

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