The Client

The client is one of the leading Digital Solutions Company in Victoria, Australia, which is now expanding nationally to help businesses compete in the Digital Age. Client offers a full range Digital Age competitive solutions such as:

Mobile Technology
Website Development
Software customization
Client’s goal is to help certain Small Medium Enterprise’s (SME’s) to upscale their marketing, reach their target market and overcome business challenges through competing digitally providing business owners to; preserve more customers, boosting brand recall, upturn of loyalty, streamline processes and gain efficacies and cost savings and reactive to change by using data intelligently.

The Challenge

To help their sales increase the Client needed assistance to execute wide-ranging lead generation, requirement and appointment-setting program to harness a larger range of market to increase chances of expansion as well as identifying the stronger market or demand for digital solutions and feasibility to their future customers of different industries and region in Australia.

With the rapid demand in digital competitiveness many of the SME’s are willing to invest to compete in the digital age to advertise and streamline their business the Client’s services was unnoticeable and unable to identify which businesses needed digital competitiveness most. The concern of the Client was:

To gauge their feasibility
Understand the demand of certain industries
The need for Digital Solutions
Market their services
Help customers invest with the correct Digital Solutions
Target persons who have a knowledge for customers benefit
The OneBlue Solution

The Client coordinated with OneBlue to execute:
Generate leads & Appointment Setting providing Client’s sales team, with specifications for target industries and target decision makers who are ready to invest in digital solutions competitiveness, address the specific digital solutions tailored to their online marketing strategy using: MOBILE APPLICATIONS, WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT & CUSTOM SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS.

OneBlue’s sales team used cold calling services to streamline and qualify prospects for the Client with the requirement for qualifying questions to produce realistic results:

Identify whether they are experiencing particular business challenges
Identify their willingness to market their business online
Determine the cost of Custom Software vs. the Current un-updated software
Identify how digital competitiveness works for customer retention and brand recall
Determine how to build confidence when digital solutions resolve their need for credibility
Determine the timeline for each prospect to apply digital solutions
To know the percentage of prospects interest to invest unconventional solutions
OneBlue created a cold-calling campaign using its filtered database; list of target industries and contacts preferred by the Client. Calling agents responsible for the campaign used the Web Based CRM (Web Based Customer Relationship Management) provided by OneBlue to tag proper disposition and filter call results in a categorized manner.

This organized Web Based CRM system enabled easy reporting and evaluation. Appointments/Leads generated from the cold-calling services or campaign can be viewed from the Web Based CRM to be reviewed by the Client and the campaign monitoring team to discuss changes and clarify issues throughout the duration of the campaign. OneBlue ensured monthly reports from CRM activity and campaign standing.

Client’s vision was fulfilled to meet with their prospects, gauge their need for digital solutions by personally assisting them through demonstrating their services. OneBlue ensured the quality of leads delivered to attain Client satisfactory to make their sales an easy flow and close deals right away.

The OneBlue solution provided the Client a secured and realistic course of qualified leads or sales opportunity, nurtured sales delivery as well as an organized method of tracing every prospect and sales team evaluation effectiveness.

The Client has a very specific vision for achievable sales channel. The Client was able to close sales and help many businesses discover the advantages of digital solutions competitiveness and identified that focus market should be industries such as Retail, Education, Finance, and Commerce. OneBlue sales team suggested these industries based on previous campaigns with same services for the Australian B2B (Business to Business) market.

The Results

With OneBlue sales team averaging 4000 calls monthly, cold-calling effectively, streamline disposition for easy tracking, delivering quality lead through introducing the Client’s services with professionalism calling agents equipped with product knowledge and a systematic way of nurturing leads. OneBlue was able to deliver sufficient number qualified lead or appointments justified by the Client’s growth for expansion to explore regionally to the national market.

OneBlue introduced the Client to a whole new perspective in making strong connections and give value to their business by creating long-term effects essential for their growth. Since then the Client referred OneBlue to different digital solutions provider who experiences the same struggle. The effort of the sales team to harness a good relationship and provide solutions for business’ who are in need of marketing organization, making lead generation program a dynamic sales approach. In return, Client satisfaction resulted in increased sales and overall asset return.